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Phil's Next Gun

Like every serious gunsman, I have a favorite that I use in competitions and in training, it's the Krieghoff, shown below in greater detail. At the top of my wish list is the Krieghoff Semprio. It's an inline repeating pump action rifle - and that's the one featured here.

I was especially proud to visit the Krieghoff International showroom in Ottsville, PA, recently. In the picture to the left, I am looking over one of the latest offerings by the international corporation, to the right is the showroom.

To learn more about this specialized trapshooting gun, visit the company's website at

When I visited the Krieghoff Showroom, I recieved a special showing of the latest specialized trap-, skeet- and sport-shooting guns offered by the corporation. I'm standing here getting a first look at a new gun, like the one pictured below.


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